What Happens To Our Pets When They Die? 5 Top Answers to Your Questions!

Are you a person that has loved and cherished your pet for many years? Are you having difficulty with the loss of your animal friend? Are you experiencing emotions of sadness and grief?

It can be really difficult to accept, grasp and process the passing of an animal friend from the physical form to the spirit form. This physical separation can leave you with a huge gap of unexplained emotions and grief that can be overwhelming!

Yet, rest assure… there is guidance for you. By working with a…

• Professional Animal Medium

• Someone who will support your animal’s Spirit Transition or a

• Professional Animal Guidance Communicator

You will get your most common questions answered!

These are the most common questions that I want to share with you…

• What happens when my animal dies?

• Why did my dog or cat behave the way it did before it crossed over?

• Does my horse that passed have a special message for me?

• Will my animal come back to live with me?

• Does my animal friend know they are going to die?

These are great questions and the answers are there for you to help focus your energy and shift your perspective. And the good news is… knowing the answers to these questions can help you focus your energy, shift your perspective and work through you the many emotions that may block you from healthy processing.

Question #1 – What happens when my animal dies?

When your animal friend dies they move into Spiritual Energy or being a Soul Spirit. They exist without sickness, pain or fear. Your animal friend is cherished and respected for the work they did with you on Earth, which is extremely honorable. Since they are living in Soul Spirit, their role is to prepare and transition for their next role.

Question #2 – Why did my dog or cat behave the way it did before it crossed over?

If your animal friend exhibits any new behaviors days, hours or minutes before crossing over this is their way of transitioning energy. There will be a period of time where they are in-between bodies, which means they are in Soul Spirit but they haven’t quite made the full transition. This transition period could take up to 2-weeks. So if you see some new and uncharacteristic behaviors… it is okay… they are just making the transition in their own way.

Question #3 – Does my horse that passed have a special message for me?

The answer is YES! When an animal dies they are still contactable and often want to continue to contact their people for many years. Even though they are not in the physical body, their spirit is alive and well. You can still be able to see, hear or sense your pet, even if for a fleetingly moment.

Question #4 – Will my animal come back to live to me?

They can and they do! Especially, if you made a Soul Contract with your animal to continue life on the Earth plan again. They will come back as an animal companion. Animals do not reincarnate as humans.

Question #5 – Does my animal friend know they are going to die?

Yes they do! They are fine tuned and highly evolved beings. They are part of our Divine Plan to help us be better human beings. They have made Soul Contracts with us that do have a life span of their own. They are okay with death and when they die it means that their Soul Contract with us is complete on the Earth plan and they taught us what we needed to know.

So remember… despite your animal entering into a new Soul Spirit life, they are always accessible to you. With their soul or spirit you are able to be contact them and hear what they have to say. By exploring these questions and others that you may have you will begin to feel a sense of calmness and relief when you get your special message from your dear animal friend.