Overfeeding Your Pet – Accidental Animal Abuse

There is a type of animal abuse that is prevalent amongst many different kinds of pet owners: overfeeding. When you hear the term “abuse” you tend to think of beating your animal or underfeeding, but indeed overfeeding your animal can lead to health problems as well. Now, this isn’t to say that owners who give in just a bit too frequently to their animals’ pleas should be stripped of their furry friends and stoned in public; it’s mostly a crime of innocent ignorance. This article should provide you with knowledge of the dangerous effects of overfeeding as well as information on how much you should feed your pets on a daily basis.


Perhaps the kings of scavenging and begging for food are dogs. Who can resist those puppy eyes peering up at you from underneath the dinner table at night?! Dogs seem to have an appetite that is insatiable, and that’s probably the exact truth of the matter. However, overfeeding your dog can be quite hazardous to his/her health. The biggest risk with overfeeding your dog is obesity. There are many health problems that can plague an overweight dog such as diabetes, muscle and ligament strains, joint deterioration, and arthritis. Your dog can also develop high blood pressure or even congestive heart failure from the overexertion to the heart caused by carrying around the excess weight.

The amount of food that a dog requires varies with breed. According to dogbreedinfo.com, the following is about what you would want to feed your dog based on weight:
• 10 lbs. or less- You should feed no more than 1/3 – 1 cup of dry food or if mixing canned with dry food you should feed ¼ can and ¾ cup dry food.
• 10-25 lbs.- 1-2 ¼ cups of dry food or ½ can and ½ – 1 ½ cups dry food.
• 25-50 lbs. -2 ¼ – 3 ¾ cups dry food or 1 can and 1 – 2 ½ cups dry food.
• 50-75 lbs. – 3 ¾ – 5 cups dry food or 1 ½ cans and 1 ¾ – 3 cups dry food.
• Over 75 lbs. – 5-8 cups of dry food or 2 cans and 2 ½ -5 ¼ cups dry food.
It’s not very often that you peer into a fish tank and think ‘My, what a fat fish!’. As opposed to obesity the health hazards with overfeeding fish are a bit less obvious and harder to recognize. As a part of their evolution fish have a tendency to eat whenever the opportunity presents itself. In the wild this is a helpful survival tactic, but in your fish tank this can be a serious problem. Your fish will literally eat until their insides explode if you provide them with enough food more frequently than they need it. Overfeeding can cause issues with the water quality in your tank such as producing algae and toxins that are also harmful to your fish. Some diseases that can result from overfeeding your fish are fin rot, fatty liver and improper digestion (petcareeducation.com).
Prevent overfeeding by simply reading the directions on your fish food. For most freshwater fish these directions will be sufficient in explaining how much you should feed. When in doubt, about a pinch of food is enough to feed at least 5 fish.

The health risks associated with overfeeding your cat are very similar to those associated with overfeeding a dog. The biggest problem is the obesity and the problems caused by it. Some of the common ailments that an obese cat faces are diabetes, liver disease (fatty liver), arthritis, and skin problems. It is also more difficult for an overweight cat to be anesthetized for procedures at the veterinarian’s office as well due to the fact that the anesthetic is taken up by fat. This means that overweight animals take longer to come out of anesthesia and can take longer to recover.

So how much should you feed your cat? According to dogtime.com, the typical 10 lb. cat should be fed 4-6 ounces of canned food or 1/4 – 1/3 cup dry food daily. It is also a good idea to feed your cat twice a day. This doesn’t mean giving the full recommended amount of food twice a day; break up the servings. Leaving food out all day can encourage your cat’s overeating as sometimes, especially seen in in-door cats, they eat because they’re bored (sound familiar?). You may also want to monitor what kind of food you give your cat. Just as you would with your diet, monitor the calorie and carbohydrate in-take of your cat in addition to limiting the amount of food you give them.

These are only a few tips for feeding your pets. As always, you will want to consult your vet as the final word on what’s best for your animal. Like people all animals are different, and the tips shared here may not necessarily be applicable to the particular breed of animal you have or the health issues that may already exist within your pet. The first step to responsible pet ownership is to keep yourself compliant with and informed about your pet’s needs.

5-Reasons For Listening To The Animal in Your Life! Animal Communication At Its Best!

Did you know that all the animals in your life know things about you that you don’t? Did you also know that your animals are here to guide you throughout life by assisting you with your Soul Contracts? Have you ever considered that Animal Messages provide limitless possibilities for you?

Imagine for a moment … that each and every animal that crosses your path has a deep and profound lesson for you that can help you change your life!

It’s true… with their skills your Soul Contracts such as fear, anxiety, self-sabotage and lack of self worth can be transformed into power, intuition, creativity and your life’s purpose!

How can this be done? Basically, Animals have mastered unconditional love and they are going to teach us in anyway that they can to upgrade ourselves! So, some of those new crazy behaviors — like peeing on the carpet or new alarm barking that maybe driving YOU crazy are really special messages from them to You to start paying attention to the way you live life.

In other words… They constantly provide us with behaviors, gestures, actions and more to guide, teach and help us take hold of our lives so that we can be happier, more loving, kinder, successful, peaceful and the list continues!

Yet, here are 5-more reasons why it is so important to Listen to the Animals in your Life!… First, by connecting and communicating with them on an energetic Spiritual level they will translate personalized information about…

• What actions you need to take to grasp your Soul Contracts

• How your Spiritual Path is directly connected to their Spiritual Path

• How to live a healthier and calmer lifestyle

• How to practice strength, balance and clarity

• Ways to trust your intuition

• And more!

The most exciting thing about Soul Level Animal Guidance Communication is that it is the universal language of all species and by connecting with the energy of an animal you can get information about the bigger picture of your life’s purpose and path.

So remember, all animals can be your guides into your soul level awareness! Everyday in every way, you will find that the animals in your life are connected to your spirit, health, well-being and more! Our relationships and Soul Contracts with animals are limitless in their ability to transform us into better, happier and more grounded humans.

Don’t wait any longer!… the time is now to start listening to your animals and receive the gift they have for you… it is the greatest gift that you can give to them!

Is Your Pet Reincarnated? Animal Angel Reincarnation, Inspiring Hope for Pet Loss Grief Support

My dog died.

I was devastated! My heart experienced gut wrenching pain and loneliness. My life was obliterated. His wiggle wasn’t waiting for me, and being in an empty home was more than I could bear.

I watched endless months of weekly photos, daily puppy updates, videos and rescue web cams. Nothing! I really didn’t even care because my heart still mourned to my core and my tears still flowed. However, I felt compelled to keep watching the updates no matter how upset they made me feel.

Then this fluffy little fur ball dragging a LARGE stuffed toy in his mouth ran gleefully zoom zoom across my computer screen. My heart quickened. I must have watched, rewatched and memorized that video hundreds of times. I “felt” him in my soul (sign 1). I called, he was available albeit 2500 miles away. I thought too far to fly the little fellow with stopovers. (Sign 2) as the Universe would have it, the airline carrier added a holiday non stop flight from that area to our airport, so now I had no excuses. I had been unencumbered for years now and a new pup, well…

I talked to and questioned the puppy’s guardian till she was probably really tired of me. In one conversation, she jokingly referred to him as “bad boy.” I asked why. She stated that he had what looked like a B on his right hip and would send me a photo. (Sign 3) the image sent chills up my spine and all my friends into a chorus of “what don’t you get?” He was already spoken for at a higher level then any of us knew at that time. It was as if God had assigned an Angel to monogram my signature on his hip so I wouldn’t be so “human” as to not understand that this dog was meant to be mine.

With a weary heart, afraid and excited I met him at the airport VERY Apprehensive! What if I had the wrong pup and we didn’t connect? I had never picked a puppy from a distance. He launched out of his crate and immediately sat all 7 pounds of 9 weeks old fluff right down in front of me. He looked up and stared directly into my eyes as if to say where have you been? Now let’s get on with our life. Then he hopped into my arms and slept all the way to my house that had now become our home.

I named him Friend. He responded to his “old” name without missing a beat. He knew where his bed was, recognized his past life toys and gathered them into his same toy spot where they were supposed to be! He did not even inspect the new toys, he wanted HIS toys! He talks, hugs, and does all the things all my soul dogs “did.” When I look into his eyes we never left one another. He is my “baby dog,” my best Friend. When my heart asked where have you been, his spirit replied: I had to exchange my old body for this new one so I could be in your life again. At 10 weeks old he knew and responded to all the old dog’s commands, no training was necessary. He’s my old adult dog with few puppy moments except he runs at “wide open”, is learning how to operate those new feet and is a chewing machine!

I am blessed to have gentle paw pads stroking my face to awaken me each morning. All the eccentric little habits, routines, traits, favorite toys, foods, spots and tricks known only to my soul is back in my world in another earthly “monogrammed” fur form as Friend.

If you’ve lost your pet, service dog, companion animal, assistance dog, pet therapy dog, soul dog and forever fur baby child, don’t lose hope. Listen to your heart urgings, watch your dreams, and follow your soul’s knowing and intuition. If you feel that you want to hold onto your pet’s beds and toys, there is a reason, some part of your soul knows that they will be back. Each dog’s soul is a spirit composed of eternal energy that lives forever in all that is.

When it’s your soul pet, animal spirit guide or spiritual teacher in an animal form, God/ the Universe honors his choice to reincarnate to be with you many times in various physical bodies. Know that your pet is not gone forever. Give their spirit time to choose a new body. You’ll KNOW when you see them! “Mom, I’m home!”

Here are some signs that your animal may have reincarnated:

1. Listen to and follow the timing and guidance of your inner urgings to search for their new body form. You’ll “know” whether puppy, rescue dog, animal shelter, newspaper ad, internet search, just listen and trust!

2. Never overlook the little details and just pass them off as not worthy of attention.

Follow through on the details and trust they are correct. There are no coincidences.

3. Look into your pets eyes the window of their soul, you’ll know and recognize your connection.

4. Ask questions with and listen to the answers with your heart.

5. If you feel that you want to hold onto your pet’s beds and toys, there is a reason, some part of your soul knows that they will be back

Sometimes when they return, they embody a new trait that you had been hoping they would have, in addition to their former traits as a further answer to your prayer. The reincarnation timeframe in which they return can be as short as several hours or longer.

There are many pet bereavement and pet & animal loss groups and animal reincarnation books available to assist in your healing. Just Plain Love books provide further information and a list of signs of pet reincarnation. Pet Loss Grief Counselors, animal communicators, animal angel networks have many books on Amazon and in retail stores. Internet resources can provide pet past life and animal reincarnation blogs, discussion forums on my space pet reincarnation will help you deal with the loss of your companion. Listen to your heart, you WILL know if your beloved pet is going to reincarnate and say “I’m Home!”

Love Is Never Ending!

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