Carrot Tail Leopard Gecko

Owning an exotic animal is quite cool nowadays. It is a growing hobby all over the world. One of the most popular exotic pets is the leopard gecko. They are easy to take care of and are not noisy pets. This type of reptile pet also comes in gorgeous and wonderful colors. They are truly eye candies. Their home needs not to be extra large and buying them is a lot cheaper. People of any age can take care of this exotic animal. It is actually one of the best choices for pets. There are hundreds of types of small reptiles. One of which is the carrot tail leopard gecko which is a combination of common leopard gecko and the carrot tail trait.

During the 70’s, leopard geckos are being captured in the wild and then imported to the United States. In the US, they are sold on pet trades. Only little information is known about them and how to breed them. The birth of new morphs is basically due to the fact that people know a significantly small amount of facts regarding the different species. Thus, different species and subspecies of geckos are bred producing various types of them.

On the other hand, carrot tail geckos originated in the deserts of South Asia. They are simply orange in color. Orange pigmentation is found on their tail, resembling a carrot. The orange shades are mostly found at the base of the tail. In order for a gecko to fall under such category, the tail should be about 15% orange. If two carrot tail geckos mate, they will produce babies that are of course carrot tails.

The difference in color, size and genetics of this animal are known as the “morphs”. The colors and patterns are being passed through generations and generations. This process is called selective breeding. Most morphs are actually a genetic fault. Carrot tail can be seen in various morphs. It can often be a characteristic of the Albey’s Tangerine line, Murphy patternless geckos and RAPTORS. But it is very dominant among Tangerine and Hypo morphs in all albino strains. A little of it can be seen on blizzards.

But when leopard geckos and carrot tail geckos combine, they produce an interesting morph which is the carrot tail leopard gecko. This morph is produced through inter, cross-breeding and mutations. This particular type of gecko is very attractive to predators since they really stand out in the wild. They are a perfect combination of orange and leopard spots. It is indeed a beautiful creation.

Since this is quite a pretty morph of gecko, people find them interesting. If you want to breed your own pet, there are various things that you need to consider first. Time, space and resources are highly important. These are needed for maintenance of the breeders and the baby geckos. You should think about the future of the babies, like if you’re willing or capable of taking care of them. This reptile subspecies are very unique. People love seeing such creatures. Breeding this type of reptile pet is fun and exciting for animal enthusiasts.